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Music icon Tina Turner says a tribute performer named Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher may be confusing fans based off her uncanny resemblance in the German two-hour stage play 'Simply The Best - Die Tina Turner Story,' and the Queen Of Rock N' Roll is suing as a result.

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After premiering a monumental farewell HBO documentary earlier this year, rock goddess Tina Turner is sealing the deal on her career by selling a large portion of her music rights to publishing company BMG.

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A mural of Tina Turner was defaced the week of Christmas in North Carolina.

False alarm: The singing and fashion icon is actually just living her best life.

The queen of rock had funny yet real things to say about life.

Last year when we got the tragic news that Tina Turner’s son Craig committed suicide, we couldn’t help but sympathize with the legendary singer and her family or even imagine the thoughts that ran across her mind, but now we have answers.

Tina Turner's relationship with husband and musical partner Ike was very public, but after theirs ended in divorce, her story continued onto a different path.

If you find yourself still reciting classic lines from 'What’s Love Got To Do With It,' prepare to watch Tina Turner‘s intense life unfold on Broadway.