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A lot more people than are willing to admit it now thought that Jay-Z was crazy when he purchased TIDAL back in 2015. Getting in on the streaming wave early paid off for the Brooklyn rapper turned mogul, who has finalized the sale of the streamer to Jack Dorsey of Square fame for $350 million.

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Some may remember that Square's Jack Dorsey and TIDAL's Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter were seen in photos together.

Nip says “don’t shoot the messenger” after revealing how much more Tidal pays artists for streams than YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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In early July, Kanye West reportedly made his exit from TIDAL.

It's no secret that Kanye West and Jay Z's friendship hasn't been the same.

Here's why Kanye wants to erase his deal with his former friend's streaming service.

When Jay Z announced TIDAL, his new streaming service, people weren't very accepting.

Sprint has acquired a 33 percent stake in Jay Z's streaming service Tidal, the two companies announced today.

According to Gary With Da Tea, Prince‘s estate isn’t too happy with Jay Z or his music service, TIDAL, nowadays. In the months after the tragic and untimely death of the music legend, TIDAL made 15 of Prince’s albums available for streaming, but Prince’s estate says those were illegal. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Not […]