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The Weeknd is now the first-ever Black singer to count three individual diamond records.

With Da Brat still enjoying the honeymoon phase — congratulations to her and Judy again! — Maria More fills in once again to deliver today's "Hot Spot" report.

There's been talk on if Chadwick Boseman should be recasted for future 'Black Panther' films, in addition to Terrence Howard speaking out about Jussie Smollett and new music from late R&B icon Aaliyah featuring The Weeknd!

Cynthia Bailey is leaving 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta,' plus Bow and Diddy discuss Joie Chavis.

Da Brat has a very special announcement in her "Hot Spot" recap for today, and yes — it involves a new music update from Rihanna!

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The Weeknd is going ten toes down with his feelings towards The Grammys. He has called out the committee as being unscrupulous and more. As spotted on The New Post the Canadian performer is unimpressed by the Recording Academy’s recent announcement. On Friday, April 30 the organization released a statement saying they will no longer choose […]

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After revealing last month that he spent $7 million of his own cash to fund the lavish performance, the results prove that he did indeed spend a grip while reportedly not being paid a dime from the NFL

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Like previous Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Shows that take place in the era of social media, Twitter found a way to meme the hell out of The Weeknd's performance.

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The Weeknd is trending on Twitter after debuting a "plastic surgery" face that is raising eyebrows. Is he out for shock value or making a bold statement?