A friendly game of basketball turned deadly in Texas on Oct. 3. Asia Womack was playing ball with a male friend, but he shot and killed her when she won the bout. The 21-year-old’s death occurred Monday evening in South Dallas on Hamilton Avenue at T.G. Terry Park, which isn’t too far from her home. […]

  Howdy, It’s that time of the year! The State Fair of Texas known for the most bizarre and tasty foods in America is back for another year. This year’s theme of “Treats of Texas” pays tribute to the fair’s longtime fixation on food. Eating has been a State Fair pastime since the late 1800s. The […]

A college professor sued Texas A&M claiming an initiative seeking "underrepresented" racial groups for its faculty discriminates against white men. The post White Professor Sues Texas A&M For Recruiting ‘Underrepresented’ Racial Groups To Increase Faculty Diversity appeared first on NewsOne.

A pregnant woman in Texas is fighting the court on a citation that she claims her unborn baby should be counted as a person.

Report: 46 People Found Dead Inside Tractor-Trailer In Texas

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin recently confirmed that recent school shooting site Robb Elementary will soon be demolished.

The news just keeps getting sadder. The husband of a teacher killed in the Robb Elementary shooting passed away yesterday due to a heart attack.  The family says the couple was high school sweethearts and he passed away just two days after his wife’s death. President Joe Biden & his wife Jill Biden is set […]

Witnesses are coming forward sharing what they saw on the day of the tragic events in Uvalde, Texas at Robb Elementary.

Photos are always a great way to tell a story, but if it’s a tragedy like Uvalde, Texas shooting, those photos can lead to much-needed action. The community of Uvalde is trying to pick up the pieces after a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Texas. According to officials, […]

The Uvalde school shooting investigation has shifted its focus to the police response that witnesses say left much to be desired.