Suge Knight is already behind bars, but somehow, his situation seems to have worsened still.

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The Tupac Biopic, "All Eyez On Me," is coming out in theaters this Friday, June 16th!

A new string of rumors surrounding the murder of Tupac have begun to surface.

Rumors circulated that Suge Knight's ex-wife was a key player behind the murder of Tupac.

Suge Knight made some shocking allegations earlier this week about the death of his former artist, Tupac Shakur. Reports surfaced that Knight revealed to his attorney that he knew who murdered the late rapper — claiming it was his former bodyguard Reggie White Jr. and ex-wife Sharitha Golden. He said they were targeting him that night, […]

Suge Knight has been in prison so long that it’s starting to make him reveal some previously undisclosed information. One of Knight’s deepest secrets is knowing who killed Tupac Shakur. The former Death Row CEO has finally revealed that he was in fact the real target in the drive by that killed Shakur. Suge claims […]

Suge Knight is still in jail because of hit-and-run incident in 2014.

Suge Knight is still behind bars since his July 2015 arrest for reportedly injuring two men and killing one with his Ford F-150 Raptor truck in Compton, California. The former Death Row founder still awaits trial for the murder since he’s unable to meet the $10 million bail. Unfortunately for Suge, his trial was delayed yet again on […]

Suge Knight and Dr. Dre have had a long history of bad blood between them, but they’re going to have to duke it out in court again soon with the hefty lawsuit Suge has slapped onto his former business partner. But Suge isn’t just going down this road because of money. Sign Up For Our […]