Americans are a step closer to receiving a third stimulus check due to the economic state.  But who qualifies for a third stimulus check?

Jini Thornton gives an update on stimulus checks and talks about women getting paid less than men.

Jini Thornton shares the update with everything dealing with unemployment, evictions, and the second stimulus check.

Congress has finally passed a second stimulus bill to try to help boost the American economy and help millions of people.  After eight months of back and forth arguments on how this bill should be formed, the second round of funds are set to help give a boost to unemployment insurance, and more small business aid. […]

Jini Thornton is giving an update on the stimulus package, loans, and bills that will help the citizens before the new tax year.

From the very first day that he announced his candidacy for President of The United States, Donald Trump's blatant racism towards Latinos has been on full display. True to form the white-nationalist driven administration continues to treat the island of Puerto Rico (which is home to 3.7 million American citizens) as if they don't matter.

In today's front-page news, Former President Obama has officially endorsed Joe Biden for president and Donald Trump is delaying your stimulus checks.

Social media has posted a lot of rumors about the money but here are some facts to know.  The money is not taxable income and you do not have to pay it back.  If you did your 2018 or 2019 taxes you will be receiving direct deposit and not a check in the mail.  If you have any questions you can check for more information.

In today’s Front Page News, coronavirus cases reach a high one million people and more than 48,000 lives lost. Over 10 million have lost their jobs within the last two weeks.  If you're looking for your stimulus check, they are expected to roll out as early as April 13 but would take up to four or five months to receive.