Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s nephew has been arrested for allegedly attempting to extort the singer by threatening to go to the tabloids and say he’s the product of an incestuous relationship between Stevie and Stevie’s sister, unless the singer coughed up big bucks. According to TMZ, Alpha Lorenzo Walker was arrested May 2 after being trapped in a […]

After Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassination in 1968 many concerned parties began to campaign for a holiday celebrating his life and work on behalf of Civil Rights. Where Did Dr. King’s Dream Begin? After a bill was introduced to Congress to make King’s birthday, January 15th, a national holiday, private citizens took up the […]

You know you are someone special when Stevie Wonder co-writes your single! Jazz artist, Maysa Leak first performed as Stevie Wonder’s back-up singer after meeting him during a college performance. Since, she has gone on to enchant audiences with her soulful sound. Maysa recorded her self-titled debut in 1995, In 2008, Metamorphosis peaked at No.1 […]

The music world is currently mourning the passing of yet another legend, as Nick Ashford succumbed to throat cancer. Over the past two years we have lost the likes of Amy Winehouse (twitterpage), Gil Scott-Heron, Teena Marie  (@msteenamarie), and of course, Michael Jackson, to name just a few. Sometimes it really does seem as though you […]

The bromance between Lil Wayne and Drake is somewhat suspect but actually kind of cute. The two men have had no problems showing their love for one another and no problems showing their softer sides in their music. Drake, Wayne and Rick Ross shut down the Toronto stage with an appearance from Stevie Wonder! Listen […]

Josh Xantus is a super exciting new artist. I know, you’re thinking, another R&B singer? Well, Josh Xantus is an R&B singer and so much more. He’s an classically trained Julliard musician who has gotten the thumbs up from Stevie Wonder and we’re bringing him straight to you. Josh Xantus is known for singles like […]