Producer of “Basketball Wives” Shaunie O’Neal was reluctant to brag about her reality show’s skyrocketing ratings during a recent interview. “I hate that it has to be a fight or an argument that gives us 4.2 million viewers,” she said. “I’m working as hard as I can to show some type of balance. We do […]

In the first half of our two-part interview with Shaunie O’Neal, she held nothing back as we grilled her on the behind-the-scenes politics surrounding the ever controversial “Basketball Wives” reality series.  As our conversation continued Shaunie revealed her thoughts on “Messy” Meeka, the state of Jen & Evelyn’s friendship and “Basketball Wives: LA”. Do you […]

It’s been one wild season for ladies of “Basketball Wives”. Every episode brought intense drama! From the very first punch to the last drink thrown, it’s been quite a journey! Sadly, the craziness has come to an end as last night was the finale of this season of “Basketball Wives” and definitely didn’t disappoint on […]

As season three of “Basketball Wives” draws to a close, Shaunie O’Neal has emerged yet again as the wise all-knowing voice of reason in the otherwise unruly pack of women who are prone to drink throwing, hair pulling and plenty of profane dialogue. Many have criticized the franchise (including us here at HelloBeautiful) for negatively […]

Shaunie O’Neal owns over 8,000 shoes (you can pick your mouth up off the floor now), so it’s no surprise that women’s apparel maker Chinese Laundry asked for her expertise in determining 7 must-have shoes for any lady’s collection. See some of her picks below! Shaunie Calls “Basketball Wives LA” Cast Members “Trashy” Top 4 […]

Shaunie O’Neal executive producer of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” wrote a commentary for CNN about the negative portrayal of black women on reality TV. Despite the drama that unfolds on her own show, Shaunie doesn’t feel “Basketball Wives” portrays black women in a negative light.  Shaunie says watching reality television is a guilty pleasure of hers […]

Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal and executive producer of VH1’s reality show “Basketball Wives,” recently wrote a letter to CNN about how she feels shows like “Basketball Wives” are meant to “uplift” African-American women, despite many critics negative opinions of the show. O’Neal says that the show was made to “strike a balance” in […]

Shaunie O’Neal, producer and creator of Vh1’s “Basketball Wives” , recently wrote a post for and touched on the negative images of black women in reality TV. Interestingly enough, Shaunie is the creator of one of the most popular and most dramatic reality shows to date, which definitely portrays black women in an image that […]

The newest episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” debuted last night and just in case you missed it, I’ve gathered a few highlights of the most drama-filled moments. First up, Tami and Jennifer meet up at Jen’s new apartment and  catch up on recent events, and how they think Evelyn should go about the “Non-muthaf*cking Factor” […]

There is some drama brewing on VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” Sources are saying that there is tension between “Basketball Wives” star/producer Shaunie O’Neal and fellow cast mate Royce Reed and it’s all because Shaunie’s younger boyfriend Marlon Yates has been hitting on Royce!! sources say: “They would text each other, and Marlon bought her some […]