Sesame Street

The rabbit hole is still rabbit hole-ing for Sesame Street-based theme park Sesame Place as it has once again been accused of racial discrimination against Black children. But this time a Sesame Splacelocation in Baltimore is in the hot seat—and this time a lawsuit has been filed. In fact, a Baltimore family is suing for […]

Kelly Rowland has responded to a video that seemingly shows a Sesame Street mascot blatantly ignoring two black children during a parade. The event took place at the Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia.

Sesame Street has addressed a number of complex issues children face with the utmost care and unflinching honesty at times. Via a character just introduced earlier this year, the popular children’s show tackles the looming specter of opioid addiction. Karli, who Sesame Street fans were introduced to back in May, will be the focus of […]

Everything you thought you knew (or didn’t know) about Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street as a child has just been clarified by one of the show writers: They were gay.

Taraji P. Henson finally graced the famed stage of Saturday Night Live on April 11. Or, as she felt to commemorate the moment as: “proves…

Via: In a surprising turn of events, now a second accuser, Cecil Singleton (pictured below), has stepped forward, alleging that the voice of Sesame Street’s beloved Elmo, Kevin Clash (pictured above), also had sexual relations with him while he was a minor. This comes only just a day after first accuser Sheldon Stephens said that […]

Kevin Clash’s journey from Baltimore to voicing one of the most popular characters on television is documented in the new documentary, “Being Elmo.” Clash has been the voice and puppeteer for Elmo for over 17 years, but was not the original voice for Elmo who originally talked like a cave man. See also: Keystone Pipeline Infographic: […]

Hackers broke into children’s show, Sesame Street’s YouTube channel and put up pornographic videos and images. Under Sesame Street, on the channels page, hackers wrote I’TS WHERE PORN LIVES.” There are reports that a pornographic video was viewable for upwards of 20 minutes. Sesame Street Announces Ernie And Bert Are Not Gay Fox Attacks “Elmo” […]