Sasha Obama has graduated from The University of Southern California with a degree in sociology.

The Obama girls are growing up on us and are girlfriends!

Now that Malia and Sasha Obama have both grown into young women, with the summer-born sisters soon turning 24 and 21, respectively, momma Michelle took a minute to speak on the reality of her forever baby girls having adult dating lives and bringing "grown men" home.

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Sasha Obama went viral again this weekend for wearing a midriff and conservative haters are calling her every name in the book.

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Sasha Obama was among the top trending topics because of a recent Tik Tok video that she starred in with her friends dancing and lip-synching to a song.

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It may be hard to believe but the youngest Obama daughter is beginning her freshman year in college.

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Markle also spoke to Forever First Lady Michelle Obama about motherhood and what she’s learned raising two daughters who couldn’t be more unlike one another.


The youngest Obama kid, Sasha Obama, is a high school graduate now!

On this day (June 10) in 2001, Sasha Obama was born!