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The acquittal of four officers recorded on video savagely beating the unarmed Black driver sparked days of unrest in Los Angeles. The post The ‘Rodney King Riots’ In Los Angeles Began On This Day In 1992 appeared first on NewsOne.

Donald Trump supporters, in this case also terrorists since they're on in the same, were able to stroll into the Capitol in Washington as Congress was confirming the electoral votes that mean Joe Biden will take office on Jan. 20. THE double standard in policing was glaring.

Fans of Beyonce have been waiting for her to put out a statement on her thoughts on the Baltimore unrest. Well, she finally did say something! Listen to the audio player to hear Gary With Da Tea give the rundown on her statement and whether it satisfied onlookers. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest from Gary’s Tea here and listen LIVE at […]

Baltimore City Police Department released a memo stating the Bloods and Crips were banding together to injure the police. Today we learn, that wasn’t true. “The Bloods and Crips have been nothing but stellar through this entire thing,” reporter Rob Base said. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the audio player to hear him […]

Freddie Gray‘s sister, much like other families who’ve lost loved ones to police brutality, wants peace and not violence. But the protests and riots in Baltimore have turned ugly. The community is divided of those who feel this is the wrong reaction and others who believe this is fair given the way black people have been […]

Special K says he went to sleep last night and the city of Baltimore was on fire. He wished it was a bad dream, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The riots and protests in reaction to the Freddie Gray case inspired K to write a poem. Listen to the audio player to hear his most heartfelt spoken […]

A riot broke out a show in Waco, Texas on Saturday night (November 20th), after popular Baton Rogue, Louisiana rapper Webbie skipped a show, resulting in the injury of two police officers.