Be it the courtroom, social space and everything in between, 2022 had its fair share of moments that sparked much conversation. We said goodbye to icons of sports and entertainment, searched for answers as institutions of education were once again targets of violent attacks and celebrated historic achievements by Black Women. As we look toward […]

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It’s the Power season five finale and tonight’s episode is definitely one for the WTF Books!

"The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" is back after Labor Day weekend and spoke about how much fun they had over the break.

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Tonight’s episode of Insecure focuses more on Issa and Daniel’s dynamic as “just friends,” and it’s kind of sweet.

2016 was a bizarre, action-packed year. We lost a lot of great influential people, heard some new, great music from the top artists, and simultaneously witnessed the strangest presidential election in America’s history. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, so much happened that it’s easy to get lost in tracing it all back. Sign […]

Da Brat has your recap of last night’s episode of “Empire!” Cookie found out some big news about her new boo’s past, Jamal has to overcome some personal struggles, and the show signals that it’s about to take a dark turn for the rest of the season. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click on the […]

Headkrack has your recap of last night’s episode of “Empire!” Lucious brings his sons back to his old hood, telling them that the privilege they all experience because of the wealth they were born into, has obscured their view of the world- and how the world views them. In an intense speech, he even brings […]

Headkrack delivers a recap of the season 3 premiere of Empire! The show returned to television with a prompt answer to a question burning in viewers’ minds after the cliffhanger (quite literally) they left us with last season. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, Birdman made a guest appearance and the show’s soundtrack seems to […]

A lot of us thought MTV was bugging when we found out they just handed over six uninterrupted minutes to Kanye West, to do with it what he pleased. After a few of those minutes were spent giving an awkward speech, he revealed the music video for his song “Fade.” Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Da Brat‘s got your recap of the ever-popular TV series, “Power.” The drug-business-based drama has been heating up in its third season, taking turns and shocking viewers left and right. But in the latest episode things really come to a climax when a character’s previous decision comes right back to bite them, and costs them […]