Remember the Black teen who went on Dr. Phil saying she was White? Her alleged sister took to social media to reveal it was all fake.

A white woman in Charlotte was fired and faces criminal charges after her intoxicated racist rant was caught on video.

According to The Guardian, the man seen yelling in the video above has been identified.

GOP candidates have been increasingly resorting to the platform that's helped their party thrive: Racism.

A Black soccer dad reflected on what could have happened in a police encounter at his son's match.

https://youtu.be/8nosB563o9U A New Yorker is going viral after he accused his “n-word” Lyft driver of being, “racist against gay people.” Robert Ortiz, who is a gay man, got into Lyft with two friends after leaving a gay club. At some point during the drive, the three men reportedly asked the driver, named Shan Pepas Lettman, to […]

Less than one week after Onalaska superintendent Lynn Redden made a Facebook post saying “you can’t count on the black quarterback” in regards to Houston Texans’ star QB Deshaun Watson, Redden has resigned.

Omarosa joined "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" to speak candidly about what happened in the White House.

Rickey Smiley spoke to some callers about if they liked the Prank Call and everyone seemed to like it.