A white television anchor got a strong lesson in how words can harm Black people when racial sensitivities aren’t acknowledged, this after she compared her co-anchor to an ape.

Jean Cramer, a Michigan woman candidate for Marysville City Council, has been making headlines for a statement that is being deemed racist.

He tried it, and failed. A racist white man made a scene at a sushi spot in Los Angeles, and caught some fists to his face by a Black woman as a consequence. By no means do we ever condone violence, but we totally understand.

A Texas high school assistant principal is disputing claims that he told a student to “turn off that ni**er music,” insisting instead that he used the racial slur in a different way than the students have alleged.

After 15 years on the air, WJZ anchorwoman Mary Bubala has been fired.

Grecya Moran, according to ABC7News, was verbally attacked by a White woman who sounded drunk and clearly loves Donald Trump.

Aoki Lee Simmons took to IG to blast a racist bully — and she doesn’t care if they see it!