quarantine meals

This pan-seared chicken thighs with a chardonnay shiitake mushroom sauce may sound fancy, but it would be great for Sunday dinner and Chef Q. shows you how to make it. 

Here's a healthier option for your favorite foods.

Chef Bourdeaux is back to spice up your kitchen, one recipe at a time! He's taking some of your favorite ingredients and putting it together to make something super savory.  

Chef Bourdeaux is bringing his hometown to your kitchen with his New Orleans style gumbo recipe! 

Chef Bourdeaux is making meals that can be cooked inside the kitchen or outside on the grill, either way, it's made to perfection.

Chef Bourdeaux is giving us breakfast for dinner with everybody's favorite brunch plate while adding a dash of New Orleans.

Chef Bourdeaux is keeping your kitchen spicy with a leftover meal that is super exciting!

Chef Kirk Boudreaux has the best ideas when thinking of ways to spice up your kitchen while in quarantine.   If you're looking for something new and have a lot of flavors, today's Jamaican curry oxtail stew is for you. Make sure you have your grocery list and time on your hands to cook up this dish for your family.

We all know spaghetti last forever so you might have leftovers from the Italian meatballs and spaghetti recipe, so here is a way to reinvent that meal.  Chef Kirk Boudreaux is showing how to recreate dishes with the food you may already have together.  Today's quarantine meal is meatball sub sandwiches.  

Chef Kirk Boudreaux is back with a dish that will wake up your quarantined taste buds.  Today's dish to a staple to have that will last a while. Presented by the chef is Italian meatballs and spaghetti with herb butter garlic bread.