Charges were pending for multiple people accused of being involved in a prostitution ring at Fort Valley State University.

65-year-old Joseph Van Wert was supposed to be living in his nursing home enjoying life.

Roland Martin said the scandal in Oakland is an example of what San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is protesting.

Well, this is scary news. According to Headkrack, a company tried to use Amber Rose to lure aspiring models into prostitution. Listen to the audio player to hear about the police investigation for this Internet scam and more in the latest Front Page News! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Click here for more in the Front Page News and […]

One of the most controversial moments in hip-hop just went done live on the radio. After being arrested for soliciting prostitutes for the third time,…

DJ Mister Cee a.k.a. Calvin Lebron of New York hip-hop radio station Hot 97 has been arrested again for soliciting a prostitute. In 2011, Mister Cee was arrested for engaging in oral sex with a male prostitute, but the sex of the prostitute involved in Mister Cee’s latest arrest is not yet known. Click Here […]