When it comes to gender roles, in 2022 the lines are blurry. In Eva's Corner, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discuss women proposing to men.

A Louisiana man recently drowned during a beautiful vacation in Tanzania as he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, who never even got the chance to give him her answer.


Angry Orchard confirmed that several staff members were let go as a result.

Melanie Fiona has been with her boyfriend, Jared Cotter for years and in 2016 they welcomed their son, Cameron Lincoln.

One of the lines from John Legend’s song says, “Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us."

Gucci Mane chats with the morning show cast about his new album, “East Atlanta Santa.” He talks about how he churned out three albums in one year, especially after he spent part of this year in prison. He opens up about the food he missed while he was in jail, and what he wants for […]


Samford University football player Deion Pierre enlisted his teammates for an epic wedding proposal.