We’re remembering the life of ‘Beloved’ author Toni Morrison...

Growing up, Black boys are often told that they should aspire to be strong men.

Marcellus Buckley became known as The Ferguson Poet when he started riding his bicycle each day around town in the wake of Michael Brown‘s death, handing out and reciting poems to people. From there, he became the face and voice of an ongoing struggle for justice in the black community. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Kanye West can't wrap his mind around the wonder that is the McDonald's french fry.

What may not have been a traditional graduation speech has now captured the heart and souls of many.

Chuckie Campbell’s regretful, reflective single, “All I Meant” opens with the smooth, thick vocals of Cole Jonique, wasting no time pulling the listener in. The music video is focused in part on a simple and beautiful lone dancer, Precious Lanee, Chuckie Campbell himself as he delivers his verses, and a (admittedly contrived-looking) glimpse into a relationship […]

At this year’s Urbanworld Film Festival poet, professor and co-founder of the Black Arts Movement Sonia Sanchez screened her documentary Shaking Loose Memories . The film is directed by Jamal Joseph and combines interviews with Sanchez and performances of her poems by Amiri Baraka, T.C Carson and others. TheUrbandaily was given a few minutes with […]

According to his U.K. publisher Jamie Byng (via The Daily Swarm), Gil Scott-Heron, the celebrated poet, musician, and author, died today. He was 62 years old. Scott-Heron’s cause of death remains unknown. The influential poet and musician is often credited with being one of the progenitors of hip-hop, and is best known for the spoken-word […]

Poet Jasmine Mans dedicates a poem to Nicki Minaj at University of Wisconsin’s 2010 Stomp Da Madness poetry event.While some may perceive her words as a diss, I think the young lady sees the influence that Barbie has on her fans and is simply pleading with her to use her powers for good and not […]

Rapper Common and Actress, Rosario Dawson are hosting a new poetry show on HBO. The show premiered last Saturday and is called “Brave New Voices” RELATED STORIES BP Group Spotlight: Underground Poetry Slam on BlackPlanet Group Saves Langston Hughes’ Home From Foreclosure Share this post on Facebook! CLICK HERE: Jay-Z to work on President Obama’s […]