Tom Brady didn't attend Donald Trump's celebration for 2017 Super Bowl winners.

People are still trying to figure out why the Atlanta Falcons lost the Super Bowl.

Bernice Jenkins made her routine call to Cora and the rest of her friends in heaven!

This has been a long and tedious six months for Tom Brady. After the NFL sacked him for his involvement in DeflateGate, he was slapped…

Super Bowl XLIX was definitely better than the last. But the bar wasn’t set very high to begin with, so we’ll say that this one…

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — Tom Brady’s 1-yard touchdown dive held up after the Ravens missed a chance to win, then tie the game in the final seconds, and the New England Patriots are on their way to the Super Bowl. SEE ALSO: Palin Endorses Gingrich With New England leading by 3 points with 11 seconds […]