Kayelisa Martin (pictured) reportedly committed suicide by walking in front of a semi-trailer truck on the very same day she learned that her 14-month-old son,…

Katt Williams recently returned to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and visited local radio station 101.1 The Wiz and talked to E.J. Greig. When asked about what he missed most during his three years away from home, Katt immediately talked about the great white people of his home state. Check out the video below as […]

CLEVELAND — In 2007, New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards told 100 high school students he would put them through any college of their choice if they completed 15 hours of community service and kept a 2.5 grade point average. The students complied and, true to his word, Edwards will fulfill his promise. The […]

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio- Jason Popp, the coach of the Richmond Heights Boys Varsity Basketball has come under fire for racist comments and harassment. According to documents, Popp would use racial slurs against his players and insult them for being poor. Among the things he said were “I”m going to need you to play like n—-ers, […]