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There was no way Angelo Dundee was going to miss Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday party. The genial trainer got to see his old friend, and reminisce about good times. It was almost as if they were together in their prime again, and what a time that was. Dundee died in his apartment in Tampa, Fla., […]

Muhammad Ali is coming home to Louisville to celebrate another milestone – his 70th birthday. SEE ALSO: Man Sues Wiz Khalifa Over Hit Song The iconic heavyweight boxing champion will bask in the limelight once again at a private birthday bash on the evening of Jan. 14 at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville. […]

Muhammad Ali was recently rushed to the hospital after going unconscious. The boxing champ has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for over 30 years, and he is now home recovering. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and get the rest of the story at Bossip. RELATED POSTS: Joe Frazier Vs. Muhammad Ali In […]

There was a time when Muhammad Ali taunted Joe Frazier relentlessly, called him ugly and challenged his manhood. After his old rival died Monday night, Ali had nothing but kind words for Smokin’ Joe. See also: Joe Frazier Dies: Sports World Reacts To Smokin’ Joe’s Passing On Twitter See also: The Underground Railroad First Found […]

You know greatness when you witness it. There is no true definition for it. It just is. There have been some great athletes that have achieved success in their respective sports. Then there are the those that qualify for G.O.A.T. status. These athletes emerge only once in a lifetime.  The ones whose gifts somehow come […]