Social media has caught wind of Urías getting accused of domestic violence for the second time, and they are outraged.

An explosive case unfolded today after news that Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez was slapped with several charges in connection to his relationship with a minor girl.


One of the greatest players and pioneers in Major League Baseball has passed away.

Warren G is a man of many talents, but unfortunately, singing isn't one of them.

The biopic about the trailblazing baseball player Jackie Robinson is catching some heat for the characterization of other baseball players in the film. The family…


  According to documents obtained by TMZ, Monique Gooden, Dwight Gooden’s estranged wife, called the Bergen County Police Department in New Jersey on March 1, 2013 because…


Sources at ESPN are reporting that the New York Yankees are looking for ways to sever ties with Alex Rodriguez over new performance enhancing drug…

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The largest federal criminal investigation into sports doping began more than nine years ago with a tax agent digging through the trash of the now notorious Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. Barring an appeal, the government’s work comes to an anti-climactic end Friday when Barry Bonds – the probe’s highest-profile catch – […]

The Chicago Cubs have hired a manager and his name is Dale Sveum. Many don’t know who Sveum is, and considering their big splash in snatching Theo Epstein from the Red Sox for their GM position, expected a bigger name. For those who don’t know a thing about Sveum, we decided to educate you on […]