Mike Pence And Kamala Harris take part in the U.S. Vice Presidential debate at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Kamala started the debate pressing Mike Pence on the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus. Pence looked as if he was nursing an eye injury and dodged every one on the debate stage, except […]


With Trump's recent coronavirus scare, the debate schedule ahead of November's vote has the potential to change drastically.

The exodus came as the vice president praised Trump's hypocritical religious tolerance speech.

Activist, attorney, and talk show host Warren Ballentine broke down some important information about  Donald Trump, his cabinet, and his tenure as president beginning next year. Most important, he told Rickey Smiley that he’s predicting Trump’s presidency won’t last more than two years- just like he predicted that Trump would win the election. Sign Up For […]

Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed Friday when he visited the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton.

In a segment of “News You Can’t Use” Special K’ dishes information out about “Ghostbusters” coming in at number two in the box office and how a new movie called “Gutbusters” will be debuting. The film is all about overweight friends that are trying to shut down fast food restaurants to open gyms. A poll […]