Since the Dipset and the Lox VERZUZ battle last night, many fans were reminded of the real MVP -- Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey is more than a pop princess. She is deemed a real "hood princess," because of her many classic features on various, classic Hip Hop hits.

Mariah Carey chose violence and decided to recreate her 2009 Eminem shade, prosthetic beard and bandana in tact, for a TikTok celebration on the 12th anniversary of "Obsessed."

Roc Nation has already removed Mariah from their website, where they publicly list the talent they represent

One thing Da Brat is going to do is stick up for her people, and she set the record straight about Mariah Carey & Jay-Z. 

Mariah Carey is no longer rolling with the Roc. The iconic R&B and Pop singer has reportedly is probably no longer being managed by Roc Nation after an allegedly massive argument with Jay-Z himself.

Following the lawsuit filed against her by her sister early last month, new reports state that Mariah Carey is now additionally being sued by her brother Morgan Carey.

Cardi tells Mariah, "Growing up, guys would ask me weird questions like, 'If you’re Dominican, why is your hair so nappy?'"

Wendy Williams needs prayers and Mariah Carey speaks out about her father.

Gary's Tea talks about the debate of does having a baby with your partner ruin a relationship. The rapper, Lil Baby's child's mother went to Instagram live to say how she felt about her relationship prior to having their son. Speaking of leaving, Kanye West wants to leave hip hop and tells his paster that it's "the devil's music" so he's collaborating with Mariah Carey on a virtual Easter Sunday service.