When Kim Kardashian first launched her Kimjoi app in 2015, it was reported that the reality star was making $1 million a minute–but she might lose some of that dough in a new lawsuit involving the popular app.

Jay-Z found himself in the middle of a trademark case involving the Roc Nation logo brought by the Iconix Brand. Hov noted that the arbitration panel didn't feature one Black person and demanded diversity, which was granted to the business mogul and rapper in court recently.

Legal trouble seems to come with celebrity stardom. At least when it comes to the world of hip hop.

Mariah Carey is starting 2019 off on a high note, she reportedly just ended a nasty battle with her ex-manager.

A fan has filed a class action suit against Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment stating that the entertainer’s official website Beyonce.com doesn’t cater to those who are visually impaired.

Bobby Brown claims that while the filmmakers tried to solidify an interview with him, and he declined, they still used his image to promote the film.


Looks like we will see a court battle over First Amendment rights and the Presidency.

Last year in 2017, rapper T.I. joined other hip-hop rappers to launch the new up and coming thing, cryptocurrency.

Gary With Da Tea is giving us all the juicy gossip on Kevin Hart.