Tereasa Martin appears on “The Dr. Oz Show” to discuss Kenneka Jenkins' death and question the thoroughness of the police investigation.


Jenkins' family renews their quest to uncover what led to her death after additional crime scene photos raise questions.


New police reports and witness accounts surrounding the death of Kenneka Jenkins were released on Friday.

Chicago authorities have determined that Kenneka Jenkins‘ death in September was an accident. The nation was shook when news that the 19-year-old Chicago girl had been found dead in a freezer last month. The story inspired internet sleuths to do some digging in an attempt to find out who may have killed her. The public […]


The funeral for Kenneka Jenkins, a teen whose body was discovered in a Chicago hotel, will take place on Saturday.

Kenneka Jenkins' mother announced that she tentatively scheduled a funeral for Sept. 30. A crowd of supporters is expected to attend.

Over the past couple of days videos taunting Irene Roberts have surfaced all over the internet. Those participating in the Irene challenge wear sunglasses, mimic her accent, and make fun of the hairstyle she wore the night Jenkins went missing.

The FBI will not be investigating the death of a Black teenager in suburban Chicago, a development that likely dealt a blow to activists who were trying to pressure the federal agency to get involved.