Still on the prowl for some good Christmas gifts for the family? Well, Special K can help you out with this list of the least request Christmas gifts of 2015. You’ll know what not to buy- or maybe you’ll find something perfect for that family member you can’t quite figure out what to get for. Listen to this edition of  Special […]

When Rickey Smiley is having trouble deciding what to get Gary Wit Da Tea for Christmas, Special K helps him brainstorm. Together, they came up with this hilarious list of 5 possible presents! Listen to this edition of  Special K’s Top 5 to hear the hilarious list on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.“ Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Top 5 Ways […]

Christmas isn’t like it used to be- everything kids want as presents nowadays is just so expensive! So you can’t blame parents for being a bit apprehensive about buying them. Listen to this edition of  Special K’s Top 5 to hear the hilarious list of ways kids can butter their parents up to get the gifts they want! Sign Up […]

Some ladies, I'm sorry to say, just can't cook! And, there is no better example than the ones we see on TV.

Every holiday season amongst the cheery black Friday commercials, talk floats around about boycott black Friday altogether. But Jeff Johnson has a very good explanation for why this doesn’t make sense, and what you should do instead that will be more effective! Click on the audio player to hear more in this edition of 3 Things You Should Know.  […]

Everybody knows that 4/20 is the day potheads outside of Colorado rejoice about smoking weed. It is the unofficial holiday for breaking, rolling, and lighting…

People tend to fall off when it comes to their health during the holidays. To keep us all on track Dr. Collier is giving “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” some tips on how to stay in good health during this season. Listen to the audio to find out how to fight depression, keep off weight, and even beat hangovers!  […]