Headkrack loves to play 5 On It with listeners, but decided to challenge Rock-T.

You may have thought Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s public profile took a nosedive after “Jerry Maguire,” but you’d be only partly correct. See, it’s pretty typical…

A fan taunted one of the National Hockey Leagues few Black players by throwing a banana peel at the player during a shootout attempt in a preseason game last week. The player, Philadelphia Flyers Wayne Simmonds, said he wasn’t shocked by the banana peel that came from the top level and landed right in front […]

ATLANTA-4 African-American hockey players on the Atlanta Thrashers, Anthony Stewart, Johnny Oduya Evander Kane and Dustin Byfuglien have talked with CNN Headline News to discuss racism in hockey and the NHL. RELATED STORIES