It took Byron Hurt 10 years to make his latest film, Hazing, and it was well worth the wait (or, weight). No, it is not a hit job on fraternities and sororities, but it is a sobering, often infuriating look at how seeking belonging can too often lead to life-long trauma, and even death.   […]

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is being blamed for the death of a Northwestern University sophomore.

A Black firefighter sues the New York City Fire Department. It has a history of diversity issues.

Three Tennessee high school basketball players have been charged with rape and assault in an apparent hazing incident with a freshmen teammate.

Another HBCU is facing a hazing lawsuit after a student claims he was beaten obsessively while pledging Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. The Bowie State student,…

In todays’s Front Page news, Ebony Steele reports six University of Akron Alphas are being charged for hazing, putting another young man in the hospital. This story struck a cord with Rickey Smiley. Listen to the audio player to get the full story and hear Rickey Smiley’s rant on anti-hazing. Listen to “The Rickey Smiley […]

“The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” has your Front Page News and more information is coming up out about the Miami Dolphin bullying controversy. Listen to the audio to hear what Jonathan Martin‘s team mates have to say about him leaving and why Rickey Smiley says the situation is just like being hazed in a fraternity. […]

In episode 10 of “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,“ Jay and her coworkers address the sanctioned promiscuity that is Halloween and endure the horrors of her boss Nina’s sorority. (One of her sisters is thicker than a Snickers though.) RELATED POSTS: CNN Interviews Issa Rae, Creator Of “Awkward Black Girl” “Awkward Black Girl”: The […]