george floyd

Atlanta saw one of the ugliest nights of protests the city has ever seen has protestors took to the streets after sunset to cause havoc to downtown Atlanta.

"Can you hear them crying when you watch them dying, Mr. Officer?" -Jordan Paige

Derek Chauvin, the ex-cop who was seen on video putting a knee in George Floyd's neck, has been arrested.

Protestor's patience ran without police officers decked out riot gear as they doused them with pepper spray,  tear gas, and fired rubber bullets at them.

A third night of protests in Minneapolis erupt, protesting the death of George Floyd. Protestors continued to set fire to more businesses throughout the night as Police were nowhere on the scene.

According KSTP,  a south Minneapolis club owner said Derek Chauvin and George Floyd both worked security at a night club with overlapping shifts up to the end of last year.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez along with his camera crew was arrested live on television Friday morning.

Four years after the shooting of Philando Castile, Minnesota is going through another racially related death with the murder of George Floyd. 

Minneapolis fights back after the death of George Floyd.

After dropping Big Floyd bars on a few mixtapes during his 90's run, Floyd eventually released his own album in 2000 dubbed Block Party as part of the Presidential Playas.