A space heater is the cause of one of New York City's deadliest fires in decades in a Bronx apartment building killing 19 people including nine children. 

Sydney Parham, 26, was arrested and charged with the crime after being seen on a now-viral video attempting to set a vehicle on fire.

A New Jersey woman took the phrase “scorned lover” literally after she set fire to the home of a potential lover after he invited her over for a late-night sex romp.

A 5-year-old kid was out here saving lives and acknowledging his brilliance.

A West Philadelphia man tried to save his mother from a blazing fire by scaling a 19-story building to come to her rescue.

First responders in Paris, France are battling a fire at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

According to NYTimes, three historically Black churches have been set ablaze in the past 10 days in the Louisiana parish of St. Landry.

A 14-year-old and 16-year old were killed last month when the car they were in crashed into a New Orleans beauty salon and supply store, resulting in a fire.