Former NFL MVP Cam Newton was reportedly involved in a scuffle at a youth football game in Atlanta over the weekend. Videos circulating on social media purportedly show Newton, 34, engaging with two men before being intervened by a police officer and others nearby. The event, organized by We Ball Sports, described the incident as […]

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Just because you're a world-class athlete, it doesn't mean you should be boxing.

A woman set herself up for a serious beatdown on Mother's Day after she was caught on camera losing her cool over a 3-hour wait for food.

Trina also has a message for anyone else who decides to call her out of her name.


A Wisconsin woman had the scare of a lifetime last week after she was accosted by mall security after she was called to pick up her daughter.

There’s strength and then there’s “old man strength.”

Many have called a video that surfaced on Facebook “disturbing;” it shows a white Indiana police officer aggressively punching a 17-year-old during a verbal altercation.