Ja Morant has returned to the court with a vengeance after his 25-game suspension, and now it’s time for one of his coworkers to do the same. After more than three weeks away from the team –losing about $2 million– Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has been cleared to take the floor again. The […]

The basketball player had a big weed bar for attendees with three different options of strains and a professional blunt roller. 

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As most know, Durant and Green had an infamous falling out but they've since settled the beef but not without taking a strong jab at the front office of the Warriors.

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Draymond Green didn't bite his tongue during a recent press conference. 

Draymond Green very much enjoyed his third championship parade in Oakland on Tuesday. While Green wasn’t necessarily the main star of the day — that honor likely goes to the shirtless, robed Nick Young or rookie Jordan Bell who jumped into the crowd in search of more Hennessy — he was still very much Draymond. […]

Maybe now the Golden State Warriors player will stop Snapchatting so much during Team USA's Olympics journey.

Steph Curry's wife was rolling her eyes, because she instantly took to Twitter to defend her man's teammate

Draymond Green may be the Golden State Warriors‘ muscle, but he may have taken things a bit too far this time. During Sunday night’s game…