A woman from Detroit who was officially declared dead encountered nothing short of a miracle after a funeral home attendant discovered she was still alive.

Skylar Herbert, a five-year-old daughter of two frontline workers in Michigan, lost her life on Sunday due to complications from the coronavirus.

After falling short in the America’s Got Talent competition, the Detroit Youth Choir received $1 million from supporters in their city.

Music mogul Berry Gordy has donated $4 million to the expansion of Detroit’s Motown Museum.

An upcoming music festival in Detroit centered on Black creatives caught some flak for charging white attendees double than what they were charging attendees of color.

A group of 10 adults racked up a $530 bill at a Detroit Japanese steakhouse and then left without paying their bill; which they had asked to be split five ways.

Students will be returning to Detroit public schools next week with no water coming from the fountains after the most recent water quality tests conducted this year showed elevated levels of copper, led, or both across some schools.

Public visitations for Aretha Franklin will begin Tuesday at the Charles H. Wright Museum for African American History in Detroit.