Dave Chappelle

The story behind the recent attack on Dave Chappelle continues to get weirder. The culprit previously wrote a song about the comedian and the bars were mired in struggle. As per Raw Story the recent attempt to harm the comic is much more layered than anyone originally thought. On Wednesday, May 4 TMZ reported that Isaiah […]

Dave Chappelle was attacked at his Los Angeles comedy festival show last night. 

According to reports, Chappelle, 48 was rushed by the man while on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. Dave and the attacker "tussled" on the ground before the unknown man got away

Idris Elba opens up about odd jobs he's done to pay for his acting career and along the way sold weed to Dave Chappelle.

Even though he is comedy royalty Dave Chappelle rarely buys into his celebrity. Recently he met Hip-Hop pioneer Scorpio of The Furious Five and he got emotional. As spotted on Complex the Washington D.C. native pulled up for the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio. While making moves backstage he […]

Jeff Johnson puts his perspective on Donald Trump's alleged presidential run to avoid prosecution, a new honor for the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and Dave Chappelle standing up for himself in the face of controversy over his new Netflix special.

The saga of controversy that's resulted from Dave Chappelle's very viral Netflix standup special, 'The Closer,' has practically been unfolding daily since it premiered a few weeks ago. However, the veteran comedian is said to be open about talking things out.

While many assumed Dave Chappelle would stand firm on the controversial trans jokes he made in 'The Closer,' many were surprised that even Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos was also supportive of the comedian's free speech. As a result, 1,000 members of the streaming service's staff are staging a walk-out.

Following the backlash he received for crude transgender and homophobic jokes in his new Netflix special 'The Closer,' stand-up icon Dave Chappelle has decided to not only stand behind his comedy but also make light of the negative feedback altogether.