Brian Lindhurst Jr. is reportedly suing Sgt. David Marble, an officer who allegedly attacked him and yelled racial slurs after he left a friend's house in Antioch in 2022. The post ‘N*ggers’ Do Not Belong Here’: Drunk Berkeley Cop Aims Gun At Unarmed Black Man Visiting A Friend, Lawsuit Says appeared first on NewsOne.


According to reports, the 34-year old cop drove up to the minor last Friday in Euclid, Ohio and tried to kidnap her, asking if she’d like a ride to school, before urinating on her.

White people calling the cops on Black folks for no good reason isn’t anything new, but thanks to smartphones these cases are at least better documented.

The Weeknd punched a cop in the face in Las Vegas a while back, and he recently pled “no contest” for that court. But how did he get away with punching a cop in the face without getting shot at? Click on the audio player to hear more on this story in the Hip-Hop Spot! Sign Up […]

Dante Servin, the 46-year-old Chicago police who shot and killed 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was found not guilty on all charges today. Judge Dennis Porter revealed…