It’s back to school season, which means kids all across the country are dealing with the tough transition from summer playtime to focus and schoolwork. The morning show cast takes a trip down memory lane to talk about their days in school doing (or not doing) their homework and getting in trouble. Rickey Smiley recalls […]

If you were one of the people who took Big Sean seriously when he said to do it like Beyonce, her father and former manager…

Rock-T is coming with it this time in his Joke Of The Day! Listen to the audio to find out what happens when a teacher tells her class whoever answers her next question can go home!  Get What You Missed From “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” Right Here! Click here for more jokes and listen weekdays to […]

If you were paying $40,000 a year for your child’s college tuition, what kind of classes would you expect for your child to be enrolled in? You’d probably think an American Literature course or a class about economics. At Georgetown University, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson offers a course called The Sociology of Hip-Hop. The class […]