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If you were paying $40,000 a year for your child’s college tuition, what kind of classes would you expect for your child to be enrolled in? You’d probably think an American Literature course or a class about economics. At Georgetown University, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson offers a course called The Sociology of Hip-Hop. The class takes a look at race, gender equality, and poverty through the lyrics of Jay-Z. While the course sounds interesting enough, some students and faculty of the university believe the class isn’t worth the time.

Dr. Dyson maintains the course isn’t solely focused on Jay-Z, the rapper. The course focuses on the social and economic issues heard in Hov’s rhymes. Dyson’s class seeks to push student to pay closer attention to the ideas Jay-Z expresses through song. Dyson commented, “I think he’s an icon of American excellence.”

A junior, Stephen Wu, took to the university’s newspaper to voice his concerns surrounding the class. Wu wrote, “It speaks volumes that we engage in the beat of Carter’s pseudo-music while we scrounge to find serious academic offerings on Beethoven and Liszt. We dissect the lyrics of “Big Pimpin’,” but we don’t read Spenser or Sophocles closely.”

What are your thoughts on The Sociology of Hip-Hop course taught by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson? Is that class a waste of time and money? Would you support your child if they took the class? Sound off in the comments.

For more on the story, head over to The Huffington Post.


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