One has to wonder what was the reason for the dust-up; Bobby's been on his best behavior since getting released from the joint in 2021.

Bobby Shmurda may obtain an early release if things go well with his parole board hearing in August. His mother is confident she will see him free very soon and says he's ready to make new music again once he's free.

Bobby Shmurda‘s rapid rise to Hip-Hop fame and the equally sudden fall from grace is one of the industry’s greatest cautionary tales.

Bobby and his mom insist he was lied to and not provided his full rights.

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Bobby Shmurda is a few steps closer to being a free man...unfortunately he has to serve a little bit more time behind bars.

You may remember rapper Bobby Shmurda, who was infamously jailed soon after his hit song “Hot N*gga” climbed the charts. Well, good news: he may finally be released from prison, thanks to a major move from family members. Click on the audio player to a hear a clip in this edition of Headkrack‘s Hip-Hop Spot! Sign Up For Our […]