Beyonce is making headlines again after a blind woman decided to file a class action lawsuit against her entertainment company.

Grab a Kleenex because this might be one of the most wonderful love stories you’ve ever heard.

Headkrack and Da Brat go in in this edition of the Flow & Go, tag-teaming so seamlessly that you might even think they were one person if you weren’t looking! They rapped about Donald Trump‘s mess of a campaign, Malia Obama‘s interesting new hobby, Frank Ocean‘s knack for disappointing fans, and more. Check out the exclusive […]

For this special #ThrowbackThursday Freestyle, Headkrack goes in hard like he usually does, but this time he’s up against a new and exciting challenge- no vision and a bunch of random objects. Yes, Headkrack is doing his #ThrowbackThursday freestyle blindfolded this time around (in effort to honor famous artists like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, […]

Searching for a reason to spew their venom, racists seized on the lack of an obvious handicap to attack a 30-year-old blind Maryland man, berating…

Blind people are very capable of doing anything people with sight can do, but there are a few jobs that just wouldn’t make sense for them to have. Listen to the audio player to hear Special K’s Top 5  jobs blind people can never have! As a disclaimer, Special K got permission from his blind friend to do […]