Black Tony

We've heard plenty of Black Tony's excuses for not coming to work, but his latest might just be the most outlandish of them all. Oh, and it begins with him actually breaking in to Rickey's house!

Can you believe Black Tony actually came to work?! Unfortunately, his rare appearance at the office occurred on the one day when everyone had time off for President's Day.

It's another round of "Battle Of The Sexes" here at the RSMS studio, and our competitors are none other than friends of the show, or foes depending on the day, Black Tony and Fat Tasha!

Black Tony is one of our most beloved "employees" here at RSMS, but something was a bit off when it came to him making it to work today. We say that because, well, he called in to tell us that he, umm...died!

Can somebody please help Black Tony with his "loose" canine problem?!

Black Tony is learning what it really takes to give his life over to the Lord.

Black Tony was out here slanging chicken sandwiches and waffle fries and now he's booked in jail.

Black Tony is always going through something, but today may be understandable. 

It’s Christmas time and love is in the air! After being in the DMs for so long,  It looks like Black Tony and KiKi may be going on a date sometime soon.  Black Tony professes his lust for KiKi and says he’s going to buy her anything she wants from the store.  KiKi says this […]