As 50 Cent prepares for franchise fame with the upcoming ‘Expend4bles,' we look back at some of our favorite Black movie franchise stars. The post Black Star Power: 15 Melanated Movie Franchise Stars Who Made Hollywood History appeared first on Black America Web.

In What's Trending, we're pulling black cards and asking what classic black movies have you not seen before. 

‘House Party’ released 30 years ago on March 9, 1990, and it became an instant classic of our culture. With some of our favorite stars and memorable cultural moments, here are some of our favorite dance movies over the years.  

Here are 15 more black films that we’d like to see a part two of.

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Spike Lee’s classic Black college film School Daze turned 25 in 2013. Given that anniversary, many fans wonder if there’s a chance Lee might release…