Black Actors

Who are the highest paid actors on television? TV Guide broke down the list, and we can see how much money our favorite black actor…

People are up and arms about Quvenzhané Wallis  playing the lead role in forthcoming film “Annie,” originally played by a White girl. But Jeff Johnson doesn’t understand when there have been plenty of White actors who’ve played roles of Black characters. Listen to 3 Things You Should Know in the audio player to hear five Black roles played by […]

HeadKrack is talking about the new Star Wars movie in today’s Hip-Hop Stop. Reportedly there are two hot, Black actors who are cast. Listen to the audio to hear who they are and why we can’t wait to see it! Get Breaking News You Want To Know About On Your Phone Tune in to “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]

Black actors were not ignored in the 2012 nominations for Oscars! Congratulations to Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer who were acknowledged by being nominated for Academy Awards for their performances in The Help. In addition, The Help was nominated in the Best Picture category, and Jessica Chastain also received a nomination for her role in […]

Actor Idris Elba said that he felt Black men are not considered “sexy” by mainstream America, during a recent interview. Idris elaborated on the issue, saying that Black actors are typically casted much differently than actors of other races, reports: “Black men, we’re never called sexy. We’re called athletic, intense, we’re described as being […]