Lots of details have come out since the start of comedian Bill Cosby’s case in 2014. So to help with that, we’ve created a quick gallery to get you up to speed.

Judge Steven T. O’Neill refused to remove himself from the Bill Cosby retrial after defense attorney Thomas Mesereau argued that the judge’s wife—a social worker at a sexual trauma center—could influence his decisions.

Has Camille Cosby finally had enough? Bill Cosby and his wife of more than 50 years have reportedly reached a breaking point in their marriage following the recent death of their daughter, Ensa, due to kidney failure. According to RadarOnline, Camille has been wanting a divorce for a while, but remained in the marriage because […]

Ensa Cosby's cause of death is currently unknown.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is on “Celebrity Big Brother” and has already not only managed to cry, but try to make friends.

With legal bills mounting and a retrial for sexual assault on the horizon, Bill Cosby is reportedly looking to take a $30 million loan against his Upper East Side townhouse to pay for it all. The 80-year-old comedian is trying to take the hard money loan on his 12,000 square foot mansion, “Page Six TV” […]

Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby have had to pay for rape allegations differently.

Things are not looking good for Bill Cosby‘s November retrial on sexual assault charges. According to USA Today, the comedian’s lead lawyer, Brian McMonagle, has quit the defense team just three months before Cosby returns to court. Reports say that McMonagle asked permission to withdraw in paperwork filed on Tuesday with Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill. Allegedly, Cosby’s former […]