Biggie's old Brooklyn digs have just hit the market and the price is a modest $1.7 million

It’s been 24 years since the murder of The Notorious B.I.G and since then there have been several theories on who did it. Brooklyn Hip Hop legend Mob James, Suge Knight’s ex capo, says he knows who shot Biggie. During an interview with VladTV, James confirms theories that Wardell “Poochie” Fouse, a blood gang member and […]

The Notorious B.I.G. is still making his presence felt, in all facets of life. The late, great Brooklyn rapper's image is now gracing Budweiser tall boy cans. 

The hubcap from the vehicle Biggie died in in 1997 is randomly on sale at an auction block for a whopping $150,000.

Fat Joe has endured several generations so it is no surprise he now is a walking Hip-Hop encyclopedia. He has just revealed he was working with the KONY in a way that many MC’s only dreamed of. As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop the Bronx native dropped a bombshell on the culture during a recent edition […]

Damian “D-Roc” Butler tells the story of when the two were dealing drugs in their old neighborhood in Brooklyn. The story is one of many from a documentary that chronicles the life of the late rap star's life and legacy. Catch "Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell" on Netflix now!

We are only one battle into the 2021 and it seems Verzuz is about to level up. The founders are aiming to bring some late greats to their platform— 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G.

The Rap King of New York’s royalty has once again been certified. Christopher Wallace’s regal headwear just got sold for half a milli. As spotted on HipHopDX the crown B.I.G. wore on the cover of Rap Pages now has a new home and it is safe to say a luxurious one at that. On Tuesday, September […]

Rap related collectibles continue to gain popularity among music enthusiasts and beyond.

Though it’s been more than 20 years since his tragic death, the presence of The Notorious B.I.G. still looms large over the Hip-Hop culture. Now, the King of New is being honored with his own…potato chips? After blessing rappers like Cardi B, Migos and Wiz Khalifa with their own potato chip flavors, Rap Snacks has […]