Celebrate 11 of our favorite girl gangs in honor of Women's History Month! 

Da Brat opens up about what it's like being in close cahoots with the "elusive chanteuse" known as Mariah Carey, in addition to sharing a few entertaining and possibly surprising stories regarding their decades-spanning friendship. 

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Check out a list of rappers and their bestie. Let us know who we missed!

Best friends do just about everything for each other, but these pair of besties did the unthinkable.

A pair of best friends, Kita and Val, were out to lunch about a much ago, when Kita’s 3-year-old threw up in her Val’s $2,500 purse. While Kita offered to have it dry-cleaned, Val refused her offer, saying that the purse needs to be replaced altogether. But not everybody has $2500 just lying around to […]