Ben Crump

Ben Crump is set on suing everyone involved in the Buffalo shooting tragedy, including the gun manufacturer and even the shooter's parents.

The son of the oldest victim that passed away, 86-year-old Ruth Elizabeth Whitfield, joins Civil Rights and Personal Injury Attorney Ben Crump to discuss the tragic events, the climate of the city, and the legacy of his mother. 

We got popular political activist & attorney Ben Crump on the show to talk about what's happening to get justice for the death of 22-year old Amir Locke, who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police on a no-knock warrant while asleep on his cousin's couch.

It looks like C-Murder is adding Ben Crump to his legal team! 

Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump is getting ready to take on a historic lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson.

Attorney Ben Crump​ shares an update on the Derek Chauvin Trial​ and the recent shooting of Daunte Wright​. He also gives updates on cases of black women shot by the police as well.

Andre Hill's family is encouraged by the murder indictment for the cop who killed him and cautioned during a press conference that they wouldn't rest until they secured Adam Coy's convictions.

Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney representing Andre Hill's family, lauded the decision to arrest and indict former Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy.

Attorney Ben Crump details the recent police shootings that killed Walter Wallace in Philadephia and Marcellis Stinnette in Waukegan, Illinois.

Attorney Ben Crump gives an update on the cases of Breonna Taylor & George Floyd.