Apollo Nida

Despite the fact that Apollo Nida is serving an 8-year prison sentence, he has still managed to find love after his marriage to Phaedra. Technically, however, his relationship with the yet-to-be identified woman started before the couple’s divorce was finalized. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The world has yet to meet the mystery woman, but […]

After four years, a Georgia court has made a decision concerning defamatory lawsuits.

"I still love my husband, and I’ll always love him" said Phaedra Parks in a new interview where she admits to backpedalling on her plans to divorce Apollo Nida.

Apollo Nida has yet to see his boys since entering prison, and he thinks that’s a good idea. Apollo and Phaedra Parks finally agree on something for the first time in a long time. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has said she doesn’t plan on bringing her sons Dylan and Ayden to visit their […]

According to Gary Wit Da Tea, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, friends to Phaedra Parks, whose husband is currently in prison, may be in a bit of hot water for extending a hand to husband Apollo Nida. Click on the audio player to hear Gary explain what happened in this edition of Gary’s Tea! Sign Up For Our Newsletter![sailthru_widgetfields=”email” sailthru_list=”Rickey […]

You may remember that Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks went through a lot when her husband, Apollo Nida, was sent off to federal prison for a long time. But according to Gary Wit Da Tea, he may be getting released much sooner than we thought! Click on the audio player to hear Gary explain more on this and other stories in […]

Since we were talking about whether Phaedra Parks should let her boys see Apollo Nida in jail, Special K decided to give us some positive things to think about. Listen to the audio player to hear five good things about visiting your dad in prison! Text GOSSIP To 71007 To Get The Hottest Gossip Daily! Reply Help […]