Chilli responded to questions with the controversial phrase, "all lives matter."

When will celebs realize arguing "All Lives Matter" is not a good move, considering every week another unarmed Black man is shot by the police?

Venus Williams is a staple when it comes to Black women pushing the culture forward, but her latest comments have fans questioning their loyalty.

In a new interview, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback shocked Black Lives Matter supporters when he admitted he didn't fully support the movement.

The singer, mom, and reality star is under fire after seemingly supporting the #ALM movement.

Special K‘  in this video gives provoking insight in a list he made of the top 25 Reasons Why All Lives DON’T Matter. He talked about the unfair injustice of the death of Tamir Rice, is saddened that America mourned the loss of a gorilla for a week instead of people being killed by police brutality, […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a stern message to employees who have been crossing out the “Black Lives Matter” slogan on a public company art wall and writing in “All Lives Matter.” Zuckerberg’s frustration was voiced in an internal memo that was leaked, according to an exclusive report from Gizmodo. Reporters at Gizmodo were able […]