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The world knows that Drake is someone that you might need to watch your lady around and an aspiring singer may have found out the hard way. Jamie Sun alleges that Drizzy slept with his fiancé, fellow singer Naomi Sharon and used “recording sessions” to get close to her.

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In a now-deleted post, Sharon’s former Fiancé spoke about the heartbreak in a caption saying:

“Imagine having the most beautiful, supportive, and faithful relationship eight years long with an engagement and wedding planned. A beautiful woman on your side as ride or die,” her ex alleged wrote on Instagram. “Then this major opportunity comes, and a world star calls your fiancé to sign a record deal. Flies you both over, and than out of nowhere, all the trust [vanishes] with knives in your back and your heart.”

Controversy aside, who is Naomi Sharon? Sharon, a Dutch and Caribbean singer/songwriter rose to fame on the Holland version of the hit TV Show, “The Voice.” Sharon gave her on rendition to the Aretha Franklin classic “Natural Woman” which you can see below.

In August 2020 she released her single, “1991.”

You can check out some of her best Instagram shots below.

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Who Is Naomi Sharon, The Singer Accused Of Cheating On Her Man With Drake  was originally published on

1. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

Hopefully we get to hear from Sharon very soon


2. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

There is nothing wrong with a Black Body suit at all. 

3. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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4. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

More vocals from Sharon

5. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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6. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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7. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

Source:Who Is Naomi Sharon?

A stunning look from Naomi

8. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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9. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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10. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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11. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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12. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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13. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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14. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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15. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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17. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

18. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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19. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

Black and White

20. Who Is Naomi Sharon?

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